Job ID: 7446

  • Feb 6, 2019
  • Cyberscape - Ortigas

We are building our new on-demand platform for dog walking and we are looking to expand our team. To do this, we are looking for an Account Manager who is interested in learning and in taking part of our new fast-growing on-demand project. Your role will predominantly help manage our bookings, whilst also being directly involved in fulfilling bookings through matchmaking, and interacting with the customer and our pet sitters.

  • Maintain and keep track of all bookings in the admin sheet.
  • Providing an amazing experience for our users:
  • Successfully organise and fulfil on-demand bookings (includes: finding the perfect dog walker and guiding customers through the booking process, managing and coordinating the dog walkers);
  • Educate and on-board our new customers should they have any questions;
  • Delivering exceptional user support that amazes everyone and drives word of mouth.
  • Receiving and responding to feedback from users, via email or text or phone.
  • Explaining to potential customers how the company suits their needs, and how the company works
  • If required you may need to call up customers (leads) who have more complex  requirements and longer bookings to help them find the perfect dog walker;
  • Assisting customers with technical issues they may be experiencing with our website,
  • Generate demand through outbound prospecting;
  • If required you may need to call the dog walkers to explain how the process works in relation to longer and more complex bookings
  • Providing a luxury customer service experience - empathizing with the customer and determining what their needs are, then assisting them in meeting those needs
  • Tackling issues as they arise: these can range from technical problems to user problems:
  • Dealing with and reporting technical bugs on the website to our Sydney-based Fetch team, as they arise;
  • Dealing with any incidents which may occur during a longer or more complex booking. These may include a dog escaping, property damage being caused or bodily injuries to the pet or third parties;
  • Handling emergency situations in a calm and professional manner.
  • Passing on feedback from our customers to our Sydney based Fetch team. This will help the Sydney-based Team understand the main pain points for our customers and will form the basis for strategic business changes

  • At least 2+ years of experience in a Sales and/or customer support role (both Sales and Customer Support experience is equally important)
  • Have worked for an Australian company before and understand the Australian market
  • Experience in a pioneer account is a plus
  • Have a love for pets: this will help you understand and communicate with our users who absolutely love pets
  • Can sell: you quickly understand people's needs and you are able to connect the dots on how we can offer them the most suitable solution
  • Be very very detail-oriented, great at catching errors, and is very organised
  • Can handle being under pressure and managing multiple bookings simultaneously while prioritizing
  • Can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot problems and are a problem solver at heart; if you donít know the answer, you know where to look and who to ask
  • Know how to prioritize and understand that perfection is not the goal: we need to get things done
  • Have experience using Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), FrontApp or another CRM

MicroSourcing offers diversity in career options. We welcome individuality in self-expression without losing the value for team involvement. We are a fresh look at the BPO & KPO industry. Come experience the MicroSourcing life and be part of our growing family.

Cultures and Values

We are a fast growing company but we have always been able to keep the fun, young and intimate atmosphere from the time we started. We strongly believe in transparency and honesty and we always make sure to represent the interests of our employees as much as we represent the interests of our clients.

  • Salary: Competitive compensation will be given