Job ID: 7575

  • Mar 7, 2019
  • Cyberscape - Ortigas
  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Writing
  • Proofreading

Data is a core element of any strategic decision-making process. It is key to understanding the business’ performance and discovering areas for improvement. At both Spacer and Mad Paws we are passionate about numbers and extremely data-driven! So we are looking for an ambitious senior data scientist to join our forces and bring our numbers game to the next level. This is a newly created role where you will be liaising with and reporting directly into the executive teams at Spacer and Mad Paws. You will be our Chief Data Hustler and main go-to person for all data science related questions and will be responsible for setting up data structures in both companies. This is a full-time role where your focus will be divided equally between data projects for both Spacer and Mad Paws. You should have strong communication skills and most importantly hands-on experience in dealing with anything data-related!

• SQL: (e.g. tsql, PostgreSQL, HiveQL, MySQL, etc.) 

• General Programming Language: Python, R, Bash 

• Data Wrangling, Cleaning and Scraping: Knows how to access APIs and handle different kinds of data formats (JSON, XML, CSV) - requests, pandas, numpy, BeautifulSoup, or equivalent R packages 

• Statistical Modelling: Time Series Forecasting, Regression - statsmodels 

• Machine Learning: Random Forest, K-means, GBM - scikit-learn or equivalent R packages 

• Dashboard Tools: Google Sheets, Excel, Data Studio, Tableau 

• Data Engineering: CRON, Airflow • Cloud Tech: AWS (ec2, lambda, s3) 

• Digital Marketing Metrics: Google Analytics API 

• Deep Learning: Structured Data, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing - PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras

MicroSourcing offers diversity in career options. We welcome individuality in self-expression without losing the value for team involvement. We are a fresh look at the BPO & KPO industry. Come experience the MicroSourcing life and be part of our growing family.

Cultures and Values

We are a fast growing company but we have always been able to keep the fun, young and intimate atmosphere from the time we started. We strongly believe in transparency and honesty and we always make sure to represent the interests of our employees as much as we represent the interests of our clients.