Job ID: 10057

  • Nov 25, 2020
  • Cyberscape - Ortigas
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Linux OS
  • Software installation
  • Bash Scripting
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Security

We are looking for a candidate who has the ability to lead and a passion for applying a mixture of systems engineering and automation skills to build robust, scalable, highly-available infrastructures to facilitate business success.  The primary responsibilities will be related to systems engineering and administration in a devops context driving site reliability and scalability strategies but will also involve wider devops duties.  You will be working closely with development, quality assurance and support teams to ensure continuous delivery, provide expertise, handle technical escalations and develop tools and automate processes that improve operational efficiency.

The ideal candidate will be a professional with over 5 years relevant experience and holds a graduate technical degree and/or equivalent industry qualifications (LPI Systems Administrator, RHCA/RHCE, AWS SysOps, CCNA/CCNP).

The position will involve:
• Designing and delivering systems engineering and site reliability strategy. Managing health/monitoring, growth, scalability, reliability, complexity, etc.
• Building high-availability/disaster failover/recovery infrastructures and procedures.
• Configuring, monitoring and administering Ruby-On-Rails/PHP services on Linux systems (Debian/Ubuntu preferred).
• Managing high-availability of database systems (MariaDB/Mysql, Postgresql, elasticsearch, rabbitmq)
• Assisting dev/test/support teams, solving problems and automating common tasks
• Troubleshooting problems, performing triage and recommending resolutions.
• Developing, testing, improving tools, systems processes and documentation
• Performing regular essential maintenance tasks - patches/upgrades, rebuilding machine images, phasing in infrastructure-as-code/versioned-infrastructure.
• Research and development around increased cloud IaaS adoption (AWS/ec2, S3, CloudFront, ELB, Kubernetes/Docker)

• Strong Systems Engineering/Administration skills in a virtualization/cloud environment (AWS/Azure/GCE, Xen/XenServer/KVM).• Expert-level Linux Operating Systems administration experience (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, Amazon Linux, etc)• Strong skills in managing, deploying and scaling web application frameworks (nginx, Ruby/Rails, Django, Symfony, etc).• Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting skills in small-to-medium production systems and networks.• Proficiency in at least one administration/scripting language (Ruby, Python, Go, Perl)• Proficiency in at least one infrastructure automation framework (Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, Puppet)• Good administration, optimization skills in at least one Database/RDBMS system (MariaDB/MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle)• Storage and content delivery infrastructure management (NFS, S3, CloudFront, CloudFlare, Caching)• Confident with at least one shell/scripting language (bash, posix shell, ksh)• Good network design/engineering skills (TCP/IP, Routing, DNS, Firewalling)• Good communication skills• Professional working proficiency in the English language

• Extending infrastructure automation frameworks (developing ruby/python modules for ansible to simplify infrastructure automation)• Familiarity with ElasticSearch, Postgresql, Redis.• Version Control and Continuous Integration/Delivery (git, git-flow, jenkins)• Containerization and workflow management (Docker/LXD, Kubernetes, Deis)• Understanding of Configuration Management (Ansible, Chef, Saltstack)• Monitoring, Logging (Icinga2/Nagios, Zabbix, ELK Stack, TICK Stack)• Code/Infrastructure Security and Hardening  (OS permissions/limits, iptables, cloudflare)• Structured Reporting/Documentation Skills• Application of Kanban/Scrum (or similar methodology)

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