It is important that we collect personal and/or sensitive personal information about you, as it will help us, assist us in considering you for any or our present and future career opportunities. The information collected is solely for the use by Microsourcing Philippines Inc., its parent company, affiliates and its shared business/partners/clients/entities and will only be accessed and used by applicable personnel. In collecting, processing and storing of your personal information, we affirm our commitment to Data Privacy laws, rules and regulations

  1. Obtaining your personal and/or sensitive personal information for possible career opportunities from job portals and/or third-party placement vendors or referral channels;
  2. Attending a consultation, interview, signing-up and filling out our online job application portals or by submitting your resume;
  3. Taking part in any psychological or medical assessment;
  4. When we contact any of your nominated character references
  5. When we conduct Background Investigation or Profile Checking such as Results or inquires that we might make to your former employers, work colleagues, educational institutions, professional associations or registration body.

  1. To assess your ability and suitability for the position/s;
  2. To assess your capacity to perform tasks and react to situations at work.
  3. Our management of any complaint, investigation or inquiry in which you are involved;
  4. Any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure of your personal or sensitive information or for government obligations
  5. Share your profile to our affiliate companies for possible career opportunities outside Microsourcing
  6. Comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations such as conduct of background investigation, disclosures to government agencies and/or third-party organizations.

  • Within Microsourcing and its internal departments for processing of your job application and any hiring and/or on-boarding processes.
  • To Microsourcing clients and/or designated third-party contractors for assessment
  • To third-party medical and/or background check vendors for purposes of conduct of pre-employment medical and background investigation.
  • To your listed current and/or previous employers, character and/or verification references, medical-related contacts (Physician etc.), educational institutions, licensing or regulatory bodies and other third-party required for the conduct of pre-employment medical and background checks
  • To Microsourcing affiliates such as, but not limited to, Microsourcing International Ltd., Probe CX Philippines Inc., Probe Group Philippines Inc., Probe Contact Philippines Inc. and Beepo Inc. (collectively “Probe Group”), for purposes of identifying possible career opportunities suitable for you within the Probe Group.
  • Government and/or regulator bodies
  • Any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.

You can gain access to your information to change or correct it if it is wrong. (Some exceptions apply under the law.) Unless you advise us otherwise, we will destroy any personal or sensitive information that we hold on you if it has not been updated by you for a period of two years.

If you require us to dispose of your information before this time, please inform us in writing. We will destroy your information in a secure and confidential manner.

You shall provide only accurate information as we will use such declarations in the assessment of your job application, reach out to your references to gather information about your performance, verify your employment and find out about your character in general.

  1. You hereby authorize Microsourcing, Probe Group and its third-party provider(s) to collect, process, store, share and validate the accuracy of your declarations I release the company and its third-party provider(s) conducting the screening from any liability therefore.
  2. You hereby declare that you willingly agree to give all information needed to process your application and that any false or malicious information in this application or any omission which is misleading will be sufficient grounds for discontinuation or dismissal upon discovery.
  3. You hereby approve to proceed with the above statement and will provide information with truthfulness and confidence.
  4. Furthermore, you hereby provide your unqualified consent and authority to Microsourcing, Probe Group and its business entities, third-party vendors to give access, share and/or disclose the results of the medical results, Background Investigation/Screening to any of its affiliates, or clients, as required for the processing of your application.

If you have any concerns and/or questions about our Privacy Policy or any complaint and/or grievance on the manner your personal information is being managed and/or handled, please use the following links below for your reference and/or contact the Data Protection Officer:

Privacy Policy -
Rights of the Data Subject -,assert%20your%20other%20privacy%20rights
COMPANY NAME: MicroSourcing Philippines, Inc.
COMPANY ADDRESS: 2nd Floor, 1880 Building, Eastwood CyberPark Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1110

Note: The result of your background check/ examination will be used, in part, to determine your eligibility for an employment with Microsourcing and it’s and shared business/partners/clients/entities. Rest assured that the data gathered will be dealt with utmost confidentiality. As a condition for my application, I understand and agree to undergo MicroSourcing Recruitment and Hiring Process and have read the following statement above.